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Create an environment that allows you to invest your time and energy in the things that bring you the highest degree of fulfillment, while building win/win relationships to handle everything else.


CEO of Kuttin Wealth Management

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Anton since 2014. Anton is an entrepreneur who possesses an amazing vision and has the leadership and communication skills to help rally those he touches around his vision.

​More importantly, Anton is one of the best human beings I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work closely with. A true winner with a heart of gold!”

Jonathan Kuttin

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Managing Member of Monamie Business & Tax Consultants

Anton is a natural born Leader, Mentor and Coach. He doesn’t need to read you his resume or tell you about his success. You experience his inherent ability to evaluate and influence simply by spending five minutes with him. In the past five years, I’ve watched Anton build and continue to grow an incredibly successful business, but more important I’ve observed all of the people he coached and brought to tremendous success in the process.

​He continues to be a patient and caring mentor. Anton is the go-to guy when you need some honest feedback, or a little nudge, personally and professionally.

Marilyn Prevoir

CEO of  WestPac Wealth Partners

Anton is a real visionary and incredible thought-leader. He has made a huge impact on my team and the industry. One of the most impressive people I’ve met in my career.”

Nash Subotic

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Jeff Deckman.jpg

Conscious Leadership Strategist

Anton is the type of person who creates the conditions for excellence to happen; then helps make it happen. He is an excellent collaborator
and operates at a high level of integrity.


​The personality and energy he brings to projects engages people in the process and makes them enjoyable to work on. In doing so Anton is the antidote to drudgery!"

Jeffrey Deckman

Senior Vice President, Think 2 Perform

"Anton has this genuine spirit to continue to learn, that goes beyond curiosity, because he wants to share this knowledge and teach others.

​This spirit includes an entrepreneurial passion that is contagious and a collaborative leadership style that makes one want to be part of his team."

Ray Kelly

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Jon Randall.jpg

Certified Master Coach

“Anton brings innovative approaches to entrepreneurs which allows them to grow their businesses faster. He is excellent at collaborating with others to create win / win relationships.

​We should all be learning from thought leaders like Anton!"

Jon Randall

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